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Liverpool Football Club - Post War Liverpool

Following the second world war which had seen Liverpool play with guest players including the likes of Bill Shankly, Liverpool started by winning the League Championship. The years following the war saw the emergence of a man who often had the name of the club changed by the fans. Billy Liddel had joined in 1938 and was to remain at ‘Liddelpool’ for many a year. The Liverpool attack was formidable with Albert Stubbins, Liddel and Jack Balmer. Many a team was hit for a few goals. Another famous red who was playing for the team at the time was one Bob Paisley. The team won the 46-47 league but then surprisingly languished to mid-table, much of the team losing its main years to the war.

1950 saw Liverpool reach their second cup-final only for the same result to occur as the first - a loss. This loss was 2-0 to Arsenal and was remembered by many a Liverpool fan as the one that Bob Paisley was dropped for. The remainder of the fifties saw poor performances from the reds and in 1954 they were relegated to Division two where they stayed until 1962 when they returned to Division one where they have remained ever since. This return to the top league came under the one and only Bill Shankly and saw the team prosper greatly for years to come.

The first of Shankly's great teams was built around the ‘Colussus’ Ron Yeats and included greats like St.John, Hunt and an emerging Callaghan. The team also went on to win their first FA Cup in 1965 which despite earlier thoughts didn’t make the famous Liver birds fly away. Liverpool again won the league in 1964 and 1966 with the FA Cup sandwiched between the two wins. The end of that decade saw Shankly rebuild the side for an assault on greater things. It wasn’t until 1973 though that his new team would win the league again. This win was part of a double though. The team also won the UEFA cup that year - the first of many a Eurpean triumph. Shankly’s last year in charge saw him win the FA Cup for a second time before bowing out. One Bob Paisley then releuctantly took charge.

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