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Liverpool Football ClubFA Cup Final 1964-1965

FA Cup Final - Wembley - Saturday 1st May 1965 Liverpool 2-1 Leeds United
 Liverpool - (Hunt, St John)  Lawrence, Lawler, Byrne, Strong, Yeats, Stevenson, Callagher, Hunt, St. John, Smith,  Thompson
 Leeds United - (Bremner)  Sprake, Reaney, Bell, Bremener, Charlton, Hunter, Giles, Storrie, Peacock, Collins,  Johanneson
 Referee:  W Clements 
 Attendance:  100,000 


 'Ee‑ay‑addio, we won the Cup!' The twentieth post‑war Final, though not a classic, was a remarkable emotional experience and probably the noisiest and most passionate Final of them all.

 The game ran to extra time ‑ the first Final to do so since 1947 ‑ and the additional period was played out in an atmosphere of great tension and drama before Liverpool got their deserved victory. Defensively Leeds were excellent, but there was a lack of invention in their attack.

 The Collins‑Bremner midfield machine for once failed to function, their passes down the middle invariably mastered by Yeats and Smith. Liverpool, on the other hand, were always forcing their way forward, with St John and Hunt in particular showing tremendous bursts of energy.

 Every raid looked full of danger, but Leeds survived.

 Three minutes into extra time Liverpool at last got a goal. Left‑back Byrne, who had played most of the match with a broken collar‑bone, took the ball to the by‑line and crossed for Hunt, stooping low, to nod home.

 But they quickly lost the advantage when Leeds equalised with what was virtually their only shot of the game.

 Charlton headed the ball down and Bremner slashed a half‑volley into the top corner.

 Then Liverpool contrived to score again, St John diving to head in Callaghan's low centre from the right, to give the match a fitting result.     

Round By Round


LIVERPOOL v Chelsea 2‑0, Man Utd v LEEDS UTD 0‑0, 0‑1


Sixth Round

Leicester C v LIVERPOOL 0‑0, 0‑1; Chelsea v Peterborough Utd 5‑1; Wolves v Man Utd 3‑5; Crystal Palace v LEEDS UTD 0‑3 


Fifth Round

Bolton Wand v LIVERPOOL 0‑1; Middlesbro v Leicester C 0‑3, Chelsea v Spurs 1‑0 Peterborough Utd v Swansea T 0‑0, 2‑0; Aston Villa v Wolves 1‑1, 0‑0, 1‑3, Man Utd v Burnley 2‑ 1; Crystal Palace v Nott'm Forest 3‑1, LEEDS UTD v Shrewsbury T 2‑0 


Fourth Round

LIVERPOOL v Stockport Co 1‑1, 2‑0; PNE v Bolton Wand 1‑2; Leicester C v Plymouth Arg 5‑0; Charlton Ath v Middlesbro l‑1,1‑2 W.Ham v Chelsea 0‑1 Spurs v Ipswich T 5‑0 Peterborough Utd v Arsenal 2‑1, Swansea T v Huddersfield T 1 ‑0, Wolves v Rotherham Utd 2‑2,3‑0;  Sheff Utd v Aston Villa 0‑2; Stoke C v Man Utd 0‑0, 0‑1;  Reading v Burnley 1 ‑1, 0‑1 Southampton v Crystal Palace 1 ‑2; Sunderland v Nott'm Forest 1‑3; Millwall v Shrewsbury T 1‑2; LEEDS UTD v Everton 1‑1, 2‑1


Third Round 

WBA v LIVERPOOL 1‑2 Bristol R v Stockport Co 0‑0, 2‑3; Bolton Wand v Workington 4‑1; Barnet v PNE 2‑3; Leicester C v Blackburn R 2‑2,2‑1; Plymouth Arg v Derby Co 4‑2; Middlesbro v Oldham Ath 6‑2; Cardiff C v Charlton Ath 1‑2; Chelsea v Northampton T 4‑1; W. Ham v Birmingham C 4‑2; Torquay Utd v Spurs 3‑3, 1‑5  Swindon T v Ipswich T 1‑2; Chesterfield v Peterborough Utd 0‑3, Darlington v Arsenal 0‑2; Swansea T v Newcastle Utd 1 ‑0; Doncaster R v Huddersfield T 0‑1; Portsmouth v Wolves 0‑0, 2‑3; Rotherham Utd v Lincoln C 5‑1; Bristol C v Sheff Utd 1‑1, 0‑3, Aston Villa v Coventry C 3‑0, Stoke C v Blackpool 4‑1, Man Utd v Chester 2‑1; Reading v Newport Co 2‑2, 1 ‑0; Burnley v Brentford 1‑1, 2‑0, Southampton v Leyton Orient 3‑1; Crystal Palace v Bury 5‑1 Luton T v Sunderland 0‑3; Nott'm Forest v Norwich C 1 ‑0; Fulham v Millwall 3‑3,0‑2; Man C v Shrewsbury T 1‑1, 1‑3; Everton v Sheff Wed 2‑2, 3‑0; LEEDS UTD v Southport 3‑0