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Penalties Scored by League Matches (Pre-Premier League)

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Date Player Opponent
03.02.1894 Duncan McLean Northwich Vict.
29.09.1894 Jimmy Ross Wolves
17.11.1894 Jimmy Ross Everton
25.12.1896 Frank Becton Aston Villa
03.04.1897 Frank Becton The Wednesday
24.09.1898 Andrew McCowie Everton
29.10.1898 Andrew McCowie Sheffield United
31.12.1898 George Allan The Wednesday
03.03.1900 Sam Raybould Manchester City
21.04.1900 Tommy Robertson Nottingham Forest
28.09.1901 Tommy Robertson Birmingham
09.11.1901 Tommy Robertson Wolves
21.04.1902 Sam Raybould Grimsby Town
13.09.1902 Sam Raybould Sunderland
27.09.1902 Sam Raybould Everton
04.10.1902 Sam Raybould The Wednesday
25.12.1902 Sam Raybould Bolton Wanderers
01.10.1903 George Fleming Notts County
14.11.1903 Arthur Goddard Sheffield United
16.04.1904 Alf West Bury
01.10.1904 Bobby Robinson Leicester Fosse
19.11.1904 Jack Parkinson Gainsborough Trinity
07.03.1905 Jack Parkinson Bradford City
01.04.1905 Tom Chorlton Bolton Wanderers
25.11.1905 Alf West Newcastle United
25.11.1905 Alf West Newcastle United
13.04.1906 Alf West Everton
24.11.1906 Alex Raisbeck Aston Villa
15.12.1906 Alex Raisbeck Notts County
07.03.1908 Alex Raisbeck Notts County
01.09.1908 Tom Chorlton Aston Villa
26.09.1908 Alex Raisbeck Manchester United
30.01.1909 Tom Chorlton Manchester United
13.03.1909 Tom Chorlton Bristol City
12.04.1909 Ronald Orr Sunderland
18.12.1909 Jack Parkinson Aston Villa
25.12.1909 Jack Parkinson Bolton Wanderers
01.01.1910 Jack Parkinson Woolwich Arsenal
26.02.1910 Arthur Goddard Bradford City
16.04.1910 Arthur Goddard Newcastle United
26.11.1910 Arthur Goddard Manchester United
26.12.1910 Arthur Goddard Sunderland
20.04.1912 Arthur Goddard Sheffield United
19.10.1912 Arthur Goddard Blackburn Rovers
15.03.1913 Jack Parkinson Middlesbrough
04.10.1913 Robert Crawford The Wednesday
06.12.1913 Jackie Sheldon Aston Villa
01.04.1914 Jackie Sheldon Newcastle United
12.09.1914 Jackie Sheldon Sunderland
06.02.1915 Jackie Sheldon Everton
27.02.1915 Jackie Sheldon Burnley
03.04.1915 Jackie Sheldon Aston Villa
12.04.1915 Jackie Sheldon Sheffield United
27.03.1920 Harry Chambers Manchester City
18.12.1920 Donald Mackinlay Aston Villa
19.03.1921 Harry Chambers Middlesbrough
15.10.1921 Tommy Lucas Preston North End
19.11.1921 Tommy Lucas Middlesbrough
20.10.1923 Donald Mackinlay Nottingham Forest
09.02.1924 Donald Mackinlay Bolton Wanderers
27.03.1926 Dick Forshaw WBA
11.09.1926 Dick Forshaw Sheffield United
15.04.1927 Tommy Lucas Cardiff City
04.02.1928 Dick Edmed West Ham United
10.03.1928 Dick Edmed Blackburn Rovers
13.02.1929 Bob Done Manchester United
01.04.1929 Bob Done Cardiff City
27.04.1929 Bob Done Blackburn Rovers
06.09.1930 Bob Done Middlesbrough
14.02.1931 Gordon Hodgson Sheffield Wednesday
28.02.1931 Gordon Hodgson Blackpool
11.04.1931 Gordon Hodgson Sunderland
21.11.1931 Bob Done Manchester City
12.03.1932 Gordon Hodgson Sheffield United
29.03.1932 Gordon Hodgson Huddersfield Town
16.04.1932 Gordon Gunson Birmingham
03.09.1932 Gordon Hodgson Newcastle United
07.01.1933 Gordon Hodgson Newcastle United
04.02.1933 Bob Done Bolton Wanderers
11.03.1933 Gordon Hodgson Manchester City
26.08.1933 Gordon Hodgson Wolves
28.10.1933 Gordon Hodgson Blackburn Rovers
03.02.1934 Gordon Hodgson Tottenham
21.04.1934 Gordon Hodgson Sheffield Wednesday
13.10.1934 Gordon Hodgson Birmingham
16.03.1935 Gordon Hodgson Wolves
20.03.1935 Gordon Hodgson Everton
23.03.1935 Gordon Hodgson Huddersfield Town
09.11.1935 Lance Carr Aston Villa
13.03.1937 Alf Hanson Preston North End
15.09.1937 Alf Hanson Stoke City
02.02.1938 Willie Fagan Preston North End
09.04.1938 Willie Fagan Blackpool
01.10.1938 Willie Fagan Everton
29.10.1938 Willie Fagan Huddersfield Town
31.12.1938 Willie Fagan Preston North End
25.03.1939 Willie Fagan Brentford
05.10.1946 Willie Fagan Grimsby Town
09.11.1946 Jack Balmer Portsmouth
23.11.1946 Jack Balmer Arsenal
07.12.1946 Jack Balmer Wolves
03.09.1947 Jack Balmer Manchester United
23.10.1948 Billy Liddell Middlesbrough
01.01.1949 Billy Liddell Sunderland
08.10.1949 Ray Lambert Middlesbrough
05.11.1949 Billy Liddell Manchester City
12.11.1949 Billy Liddell Charlton Athletic
01.04.1950 Billy Liddell Charlton Athletic
04.11.1950 Billy Liddell Newcastle United
16.12.1950 Billy Liddell Wolves
17.03.1951 Billy Liddell Sheffield Wednesday
27.10.1951 Billy Liddell WBA
01.12.1951 Billy Liddell Tottenham
10.09.1952 Billy Liddell Tottenham
22.11.1952 Billy Liddell Derby
26.12.1952 Billy Liddell Burnley
25.12.1953 Ray Lambert WBA
13.03.1954 Billy Liddell Sheffield United
03.04.1954 Billy Liddell Sunderland
18.09.1954 Billy Liddell Fulham
18.09.1954 Billy Liddell Fulham
13.11.1954 Billy Liddell Luton Town
20.11.1954 Billy Liddell Nottingham Forest
04.12.1954 Billy Liddell Middlesbrough
25.12.1954 Billy Liddell Ipswich Town
19.03.1955 Billy Liddell Lincoln City
30.04.1955 Billy Liddell Birmingham City
19.11.1955 Billy Liddell Leeds United
26.12.1955 Billy Liddell Stoke City
21.01.1956 Billy Liddell Leicester City
03.03.1956 John Evans Bury
31.03.1956 John Evans Bristol City
18.08.1956 Billy Liddell Huddersfield Town
22.12.1956 Billy Liddell Bury
19.04.1957 Billy Liddell Bristol Rovers
27.04.1957 Billy Liddell West Ham United
26.12.1957 Billy Liddell Grimsby Town
07.04.1958 Billy Liddell Stoke City
23.08.1958 Billy Liddell Grimsby Town
13.09.1958 Billy Liddell Charlton Athletic
25.10.1958 Fred Morris Sheffield Wednesday
26.08.1959 Jimmy Melia Bristol City
03.10.1959 Jimmy Melia Swansea Town
02.04.1960 Ronnie Moran Lincoln City
07.09.1960 Ronnie Moran Luton Town
29.10.1960 Jimmy Harrower Sunderland
11.03.1961 Kevin Lewis Huddersfield Town
04.04.1961 Kevin Lewis Bristol Rovers
26.08.1961 Kevin Lewis Leeds United
23.04.1962 Ronnie Moran Stoke City
22.08.1962 Ronnie Moran Manchester City
14.11.1962 Ronnie Moran Arsenal
20.03.1963 Ronnie Moran WBA
30.11.1963 Roger Hunt Burnley
12.04.1965 Willie Stevenson Everton
30.10.1965 Willie Stevenson Nottingham Forest
13.11.1965 Willie Stevenson Northampton Town
17.11.1965 Willie Stevenson Blackburn Rovers
20.08.1966 Willie Stevenson Leicester City
03.05.1967 Willie Stevenson Leeds United
09.09.1967 Tommy Smith Chelsea
30.09.1967 Tommy Smith Stoke City
25.11.1967 Willie Stevenson Wolves
15.04.1968 Geoff Strong Sheffield United
21.09.1968 Tommy Smith Leicester City
09.11.1968 Tommy Smith Chelsea
29.03.1969 Tommy Smith QPR
31.03.1969 Tommy Smith Arsenal
23.08.1969 Tommy Smith Burnley
24.03.1970 Tommy Smith Ipswich Town
31.10.1970 Tommy Smith Wolves
14.08.1971 Tommy Smith Nottingham Forest
17.08.1971 Tommy Smith Wolves
16.10.1971 Tommy Smith Nottingham Forest
01.04.1972 Tommy Smith WBA
08.04.1972 Tommy Smith Coventry City
09.09.1972 Tommy Smith Wolves
23.09.1972 Kevin Keegan Sheffield United
14.04.1973 Kevin Keegan WBA
04.09.1973 Kevin Keegan Derby
22.09.1973 Alec Lindsay Tottenham
06.10.1973 Alec Lindsay Newcastle United
17.11.1973 Kevin Keegan Ipswich Town
22.12.1973 Kevin Keegan Manchester United
05.02.1974 Alec Lindsay Coventry City
06.04.1974 Alec Lindsay QPR
24.08.1974 Alec Lindsay Leicester City
24.08.1974 Alec Lindsay Leicester City
12.10.1974 Kevin Keegan Middlesbrough
29.03.1975 Kevin Keegan Birmingham City
26.04.1975 Kevin Keegan QPR
23.08.1975 Kevin Keegan Tottenham
02.12.1975 Phil Neal Arsenal
02.12.1975 Phil Neal Arsenal
20.12.1975 Phil Neal QPR
13.03.1976 Phil Neal Birmingham City
17.04.1976 Phil Neal Stoke City
16.10.1976 Phil Neal Everton
09.11.1976 Phil Neal Leicester City
09.11.1976 Kevin Keegan Leicester City
27.12.1976 Phil Neal Stoke City
22.01.1977 Phil Neal Norwich City
05.02.1977 Phil Neal Birmingham City
02.04.1977 Phil Neal Leeds United
17.12.1977 Phil Neal QPR
27.12.1977 Phil Neal Wolves
04.03.1978 Phil Neal Chelsea
01.05.1978 Phil Neal Manchester City
02.09.1978 Phil Neal Tottenham
04.11.1978 Terry McDermott Leeds United
18.11.1978 Phil Neal Manchester City
09.12.1978 Terry McDermott Nottingham Forest
22.12.1979 Terry McDermott Derby
12.01.1980 Terry McDermott Southampton
01.03.1980 Phil Neal Everton
13.09.1980 Terry McDermott WBA
27.09.1980 Terry McDermott Brighton & Hove Albion
07.10.1980 Terry McDermott Middlesbrough
11.10.1980 Terry McDermott Ipswich Town
01.09.1981 Phil Neal Middlesbrough
22.09.1981 Terry McDermott Coventry City
03.10.1981 Terry McDermott Swansea City
03.10.1981 Terry McDermott Swansea City
24.10.1981 Terry McDermott Manchester United
20.02.1982 Terry McDermott Coventry City
10.04.1982 Phil Neal Manchester City
28.08.1982 Phil Neal WBA
27.11.1982 Phil Neal Tottenham
11.12.1982 Phil Neal Watford
11.12.1982 Phil Neal Watford
17.12.1983 Graeme Souness Notts County
07.05.1984 Ian Rush Coventry City
25.08.1984 Phil Neal Norwich City
04.09.1984 Phil Neal Luton Town
04.12.1984 Ian Rush Coventry City
26.12.1984 Phil Neal Leicester City
02.03.1985 John Wark Nottingham Forest
17.05.1985 John Wark Watford
07.09.1985 Phil Neal Watford
28.09.1985 Jan Mølby Tottenham
28.09.1985 Jan Mølby Tottenham
30.11.1985 Jan Mølby Chelsea
18.01.1986 Jan Mølby West Ham United
22.03.1986 Jan Mølby Oxford United
26.04.1986 Gary Gillespie Birmingham City
26.04.1986 Jan Mølby Birmingham City
30.08.1986 Jan Mølby Arsenal
13.09.1986 Jan Mølby Charlton Athletic
27.09.1986 John Wark Aston Villa
18.10.1986 Jan Mølby Oxford United
25.10.1986 Jan Mølby Luton Town
29.11.1986 Jan Mølby Coventry City
07.03.1987 Jan Mølby Luton Town
29.08.1987 John Aldridge Coventry City
05.09.1987 John Aldridge West Ham United
15.09.1987 John Aldridge Charlton Athletic
29.09.1987 John Aldridge Derby
29.09.1987 John Aldridge Derby
03.10.1987 John Aldridge Portsmouth
17.10.1987 John Aldridge QPR
06.12.1987 John Aldridge Chelsea
28.12.1987 John Aldridge Newcastle United
02.04.1988 John Aldridge Nottingham Forest
03.09.1988 Jan Mølby Manchester United
24.09.1988 Jan Mølby Southampton
01.03.1989 John Aldridge Charlton Athletic
14.03.1989 John Aldridge Luton Town
26.03.1989 John Aldridge Tottenham
10.05.1989 John Aldridge Nottingham Forest
19.08.1989 John Barnes Manchester City
09.09.1989 John Barnes Derby
12.09.1989 John Aldridge Crystal Palace
21.10.1989 Peter Beardsley Southampton
11.11.1989 John Barnes QPR
03.02.1990 Peter Beardsley Everton
18.03.1990 John Barnes Manchester United
28.04.1990 John Barnes QPR
22.09.1990 John Barnes Everton
10.11.1990 Jan Mølby Luton Town
23.02.1991 Jan Mølby Luton Town
09.03.1991 Jan Mølby Manchester City
09.03.1991 Jan Mølby Manchester City
23.03.1991 Jan Mølby Derby
30.03.1991 Jan Mølby QPR
13.04.1991 Jan Mølby Leeds United
06.05.1991 Jan Mølby Nottingham Forest
07.09.1991 Mark Walters Notts County
14.09.1991 Mark Walters Aston Villa
29.01.1992 Jan Mølby Arsenal