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Liverpool v Everton - "The Derby"

The Records

This derby is responsible for many records across all derby matches, largely due to it being contested so many times:

The longest unbeaten derby game run in all matches is 14, held by Everton, this was between the 1941/42 and 1951/52 seasons.

The longest unbeaten derby game run in home matches is held by Liverpool when Everton failed to beat them in the League for 14 games between the 1970/71 and 1984/85 seasons.

The longest unbeaten derby game run in away matches is held by Everton with a 16 match run at Anfield between 1899 and 1920 which included 10 victories.

The longest unbroken winning run at home belongs to Liverpool with 5 between 1932/33 and 1936/37.

The longest unbroken winning run away from home belongs to Everton who scored 7 consecutive victories at Anfield between 1908/09 and 1914/15.

Recent games have been marred by sendings off, and the fixture has seen 20 red cards in the Premier League, the highest tally for any other fixture (though the 20th of these was subsequently rescinded by the FA). Current club captains Steven Gerrard and Phil Neville have both seen red twice in derby games.

The following are records just for the Merseyside derby itself:

The record home victory in a league match is 6-0 recorded by Liverpool at Anfield in the 1935/36 season.

The record away victory in a league match is 5-0 recorded by both Everton at Anfield in the 1914/15 season and by Liverpool at Goodison Park in the 1982/83 season.

The highest scoring match was in 1932/33 when Liverpool won 7-4 at Anfield

Neville Southall of Everton holds the record for most derby appearances.

Ian Rush of Liverpool holds the mark for the most derby goals with 25, overtaking Dixie Dean of Everton's long-standing record when he scored two goals in Liverpool's 3-2 win over Everton in the second all-Merseyside F.A. Cup Final in 1989.

William C. Cuff of Everton holds the record for the most wins as a manager with 16 wins over Liverpool from 1901-1918.

Tom Watson of Liverpool holds the record for the most losses as a manager with 21 defeats to Everton from 1896-1915.

Record Attendance: 78,599 at Goodison Park, 18 September 1948 (Old Division One)

Lowest Attendance: 18,000 at Anfield, 19 January 1901 (Old Division One)