Liverpool v Everton Premier League Switching Sides

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 Everton then Liverpool
 Abel Xavier 2002
 Nick Barmby 2000
 Dave Hickson 1959
 Tony McNamara 1957
 John Heydon 1949
 Bill Harthill 1936
 Jack Balmer 1935
 Thomas Johnson 1934
 Frank Mitchell 1919
 Bill Lacey 1912
 Tom Gracie 1912
 Don Sloan 1908
 David Murray 1904
 Abe Hartley 1897
 Alex Latta 1896
 Fred Geary 1895
 John Whitehead 1894
 Patrick Gordon 1893
 Duncan McLean 1892
 Tom Wylie 1892
 Liverpool then Everton
 Gary Ablett 1992
 Peter Beardsley 1991
 Alan Harper 1983
 Kevin Sheedy 1982
 David Johnson 1982
 Johnny Morrissey 1962
 Jimmy Payne 1956
 Dick Forshaw 1927
 Harold Uren 1912
 Benjamin Howard Baker 1910

The following played for another/other club before moving to Liverpool

Andrew Hannah – Played for Renton in between. (The first player to captain both Everton and Liverpool)
Edgar Chadwick – Played for Blackburn Rovers and Burnley in between.
David Johnson- Played for Ipswich Town in between; returned to Everton after playing for Liverpool.
Neil McBain – Played for St Johnstone in between. He also played – under bizarre circumstances – one game for New Brighton:
as manager he played one game in goal due to an injury crisis, at the age of 52, becoming the oldest
player ever to play in a league game. He is one of six players to play for three different Merseyside clubs.
Steve McMahon – Played for Aston Villa in between. He is also one of only two players to have captained both Everton and Liverpool.
Darren Potter – Everton youth player who never made a first-team appearance, played for Blackburn Rovers in between.
Billy Scott – Played for Leeds City in between.

The following played for another/other club before moving to Everton

David Burrows – Played for West Ham United in between.
Don Hutchison – Played for West Ham United and Sheffield United in between.
Dave Watson – Played for Norwich City in between.
John Gidman – Played for Aston Villa in between.
Sander Westerveld – (Loan) Played for Real Sociedad and Portsmouth in between.
Arthur Berry – Played for Wrexham, Fulham, and Oxford University in between Everton; returned to Liverpool for a brief spell in 1912.