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Liverpool FC 2012/2013 Staff Members

Board Members

Position Name
Principal Owner John W Henry
Chairman  Tom Werner 
Managing Director  Ian Ayre 

Brendan Rodgers Manager
Colin Pascoe Assistant manager
Mike Marsh First-team coach
Glen Driscoll Head of performance
Ryland Morgans Head of fitness and conditioning
Chris Davies Head of opposition analysis
John Achterberg First-team goalkeeping coach
Zaf Iqbal First-team doctor
Chris Morgan Physiotherapist
Jordan Milsom Rehab fitness coach
Paul Small Masseur
Sylvan Richardson Masseur
Lee Radcliffe Kit management co-ordinator
Graham Carter Kit man/co-ordinator
Barry Drust Sports science consultant
James Morton Consultant nutritionist
David Rydings Strength & rehabilitation assistant
Paulo Barreira Physiotherapist
Matt Konopinski Physiotherapist

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