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Top Goalscorers

All competitions - Ian Rush 346 in 660

League - Roger Hunt 244

FA Cup - Ian Rush 39

Single Season - Roger Hunt 41 (1962-63)

Europe - Steven Gerrard 41

The 100 Club (all competitions)

Ian Rush 346, Roger Hunt 285, Gordon Hodgson 241, Billy Liddell 228, Steven Gerrard 186, Robbie Fowler 183, Kenny Dalglish 173, Michael Owen 158, Harry Chambers 151, Sam Raybould 130, Jack Parkinson 128, Dick Forshaw 123, Ian St John 118, Jack Balmer 110, John Barnes 108, Kevin Keegan 100.

The 100 Club (League only)

Roger Hunt 245, Gordon Hodgson 232, Ian Rush 229, Billy Liddell 216, Harry Chambers 135, Jack Parkinson 123, Robbie Fowler 120, Sam Raybould 120, Kenny Dalglish 118, Dick Forshaw 117, Michael Owen 105

Hat-Trick Heroes

First - John Miller in October 1892

Most - Gordon Hodgson 17

Fastest - Robbie Fowler 4 minutes 33 seconds V Arsenal

First Live TV Hat-trick - Ian Rush Jan 1984 V Aston Vila

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Most Appearances

All games - Ian Callaghan - 857

League - Ian Callaghan 640

European - Jamie Carragher - 150

FA Cup - Ian Callaghan - 79

All Cups - Ian Callaghan - 210

Single season - Bruce Grobbelaar, Alan Hansen, Alan Kennedy, Sammy Lee - 67 in 1983-84

Consecutive - Phil Neal 417 - Oct 76 - Sept 83

Most Clean sheets

Ray Clemence 323 in 665 games

Ray Clemence 28 in one season 1978-79

Least goals conceded in a season 16 goals 1978-79

Record Wins

All games - Stromgodset 11-0

Premier League - Southampton 7-1 Jan 1999

Football League - Crystal Palace 9-0 Sept 1990

League Division 2 - Rotherham United 10-1 Feb 1896

FA Cup - Swansea City 8-0 Jan 1990

Away - Stoke City 8-0 Nov 2000

Record Defeats

All games - Birmingham City 9-1 1954-55

League - Huddersfield(away) 8-0 1934-35

Home games - Sunderland 6-0 1929-30

Europe - Ajax 5-1 1966-67

Record Attendance

All games - 61,905 Vs Wolves 1952(FA Cup)

League - 58,757 Vs Chelsea

Europe - 55,104 Vs Barcelona

Record Transfer Fees

Paid - £75 million to Southampton for Virgil van Dijk

Received - £142 million from Barcelona for Philippe Coutinho

Individual Honours

Manager of the Year

Bill Shankly 1973,

Bob Paisley 1976, 1977, 1979, 1980, 1982, 1983,

Joe Fagan 1984,

Kenny Dalglish 1986, 1988, 1990

Football Writers Player of the Year

Ian Callaghan 1974

Kevin Keegan 1976

Emlyn Hughes 1977

Kenny Dalglish 1979, 1983

Terry McDermott 1980

Ian Rush 1984

John Barnes 1988, 1990

Steve Nicol 1989

John Barnes 1990

Steven Gerrard 2009

Luis Suarez 2014

Mohamed Salah 2018

PFA Player of the Year

Terry McDermott 1980

Kenny Dalglish 1983

Ian Rush 1984

John Barnes 1988

Steven Gerrard 2006

Luis Suarez 2014

Mohamed Salah 2018

Virgil van Dijk 2019

PFA Young Player of the Year

Ian Rush 1983

Robbie Fowler 1995, 1996

Michael Owen 1998

Steven Gerrard 2001

European Footballer of the Year

Michael Owen 2001

Internationals (all whilst at Anfield)

Most international caps whilst at Anfield - Ian Rush Wales 67

First England Cap - Harry Bradshaw => most - Emlyn Hughes -> most goals Michael Owen 23

First Scotland Cap - George Allan => most - Kenny Dalglish -> most goals Kenny Dalglish 13

First Wales Cap - Maurice Parry => most - Ian Rush -> most goals Ian Rush 28

First Northern Ireland Cap - Billy Lacey => most - Elisha Scott -> most goals Billy Lacey 2

First Republic of Ireland Cap - Steve Heighway => most - Ronnie Whelan -> most goals Ronnie Whelan, Ray Houghton, Mark Lawrenson 3

Chairmen of Liverpool Football Club

1892-04 John Houlding*

1904-09 Edwin Berry

1909-14 John McKenna

1914-17 John Astbury

1917-19 John McKenna

1919-24 W.R.Williams

1924-26 R.L.Martindale snr

1926-32 T.Crompton

1932-35 W.H.Cartwright

1935-41 W.J.Harrop

1941-44 R.L.Martindale snr

1944-47 W.H.McConnell

1947-50 S.R.Williams

1959-53 G.A.Richards

1953-56 W.J.Harrop

1956-64 T.V.Williams

1964-67 S.C.Reakes

1967-69 H.Cartwright

1969-73 H.E.Roberts

1973-90 John Smith

1990-91 N.White

1991- D.Moores

- M Broughton

- I Ayre

- T Werner

* It is a fact that John Houlding died on the 17th of March 1902!, although all statistic says he was chairman until 1904. The likely scenario is that his son kept the club ticking over until Edwin Berry was appointed.

Various Stats

Liverpool went unbeaten in the League from the start of a season in 1987-88 for 29 games.

Liverpool actually went through the 1893-94 season unbeaten.

The Reds lost their highest total of 23 games in season 1953-54.

On 22 August 1964 the Reds became the first team featured on Match of the Day against Arsenal.  Roger Hunt scored the first ever goal shown.  They were also the first side shown on Match of the Day in colour against West Ham.  They were the first side covered on live on SKY TV for the premiership against Notts Forest on 16 Aug 1992.

Phil Neal won the most medals at Liverpool with 20.

6 men won league championship medals in both England and Scotland - Kenny Dalglish, Tom Robertson, Graeme Souness, John Walker, Nigel Spackman and Willie Stevenson.

Gerard Houllier is the only Liverpool manager to do the double over Manchester United and Everton in the same season.

The Reds 2001 treble is a unique Cup treble.

The 2001 UEFA Cup win is the first ever European trophy won by virtue of the golden goal.

Liverpool introduced shirt sponsors and since then have used Hitachi, Crown Paints, Candy, Carlsberg.

Liverpool once went 85 games unbeaten at Anfield between Feb 1978 and Jan 1981.

Jan Molby scored a hat-trick of penalties against Coventry City in Nov 86.

Jack Balmer once hit a hat-trick in three consecutive games.

The flagpole at the corner of the Kop originated from the Great Eastern ship.

The all red kit of today was first introduced by Bill Shankly for the 1964-65 season to make his players look as tall as possible.  The first game it was revealed in was against Anderlecht in Nov 64.

Phil Neal is the only player to play in all 5 of Liverpool's European cup finals.

Don Welsh once scored 6 goals for the club in one match during the second world war. Five different players have scored five in a game Tom Miller, Andy McGuigan, John Evans, Ian Rush and Robbie Fowler.

The Reds' youngest ever player was Max Thompson

The Reds' youngest ever European player was Phil Charnock who made a sub appearance in Europe.

Ian Rush has made the most appearances for Liverpool in the Merseyside Derby with 36 games in total.

Albert Stubbins was shown on the front cover of the Sgt Peppers Beatles Album.

One of the Reds most embarrassing defeats in the FA Cup was in 1958-59 to Worcester City.

Ted Doig is the oldest player to play for the Reds aged 41 years 165 days.  He is also the oldest Reds debutant.

Liverpool won the first ever domestic trophy staged outside England when they won the Worthington cup in 2001.  They also won the first ever FA Cup to be played outside England in the same year.

The Reds have won the most League Cups with 6 and appeared in the most finals with 8.

Up until 1934 both Liverpool and Everton shared their matchday programme.  One first team game was featured and one reserve game.

Bob Paisley in 1983 became the first manager to collect a trophy at Wembley.

The first ever Reds league team consisted entirely of Scotsmen.

When the Reds won the FA cup in 1986 no Englishmen appeared for the Reds.  The only sub, Steve McMahon never got on the pitch.

The Reds have been forced to decide European ties on the toss of a coin twice.  In 1965 they called correctly against FC Cologne but failed to call correctly when doing so against Athletic Bilbao in 1968.

John Aldridge became the first player to miss a penalty in an FA Cup Final in 1988 against Wimbledon.

Tom Watson is the Reds' longest serving manager of all time with some 19 years service.

Phil Taylor is the only Reds manager not to manage the team in the top flight.

Ferencvaros were the first team to win a European tie at Anfield.

Geoff Strong was the Reds' first ever sub in September 1965 replacing Chris Lawler.

In October 2001 the Reds became the first ever English side to win a game in Kiev when they won 2-1 in the Champions League.  In October 2002 the Reds became the first ever English side to defeat Spartak Moscow away when they won 3-1 in the Champions League.

The Reds were the first English side to retain the European Cup in 1977 and 1978 whilst they were also the first team to win the European Cup on penalties in 1984.

The Reds, with 37 have won the most major trophies in England.

The lowest position ever that the Reds have finished is 11th in the second division back in 1954-55.

The Reds are the first team ever to play in every possible match in a season when they played 63 in 2000-01

The Reds contested the first ever Wembley shoot-out in 1974 against Leeds United in the Charity Shield.

The Reds were the first side to win an FA Cup Semi Final on penalties when beating Portsmouth in 1992.

The Reds were the first side to get eight different players on the league scoresheet when they beat Crystal Palace 9-0 in September 1989.

The Reds were first side to have nine different players on the scoresheet when beating Stromsgodset 11-0 in Europe. Only Brian Hall and Ray Clemence failed to score.

Michael Owen is the Reds' highest international scorer for the Reds and England with 19 goals although Ian Rush has most for a home country with 28 whilst at Anfield.

Sami Hyypia became the first Red to score away in France in a competitive game against a French side when he scored the only goal in a 1-0 win over Auxerre in February 2003.