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Steven Gerrard Quotes

His reception was very disappointing. I played with Michael for several years and he's a world-class player. He's a legend here but the fans didn't want to see him go in the first place. He deserves a standing ovation here for the goals he scored.
To me it's the best trophy you can win and to bring it back for all them fans that have supported us right through would be something special.
I think it all goes down to who plays the better football on the night.
If we get the right result Thursday night, that will give us the springboard to reach the final. There's a feeling that this year could be ours.
There's a lot of confidence in the squad, a lot of togetherness and we're ready for this World Cup. We've got a lot of hungry players. And it could be a lot of players' last World Cup as well, so it's important that this group of players -- there's so much quality there -- and we need to deliver in the summer.
I just wanted to jump into the stand and start celebrating with those wonderful fans
That kind of performance is just not acceptable for Liverpool Football Club,
It was like a chess game. We defended well and 0-0 is a good result but the tie isn't over, it's just half-time,
My message to the fans would be that hopefully I can continue to perform as consistently as I have done this season and lift a trophy for them soon.
Statistics don't lie. I'm not going to disguise the fact that we need a poacher. The problem we have got is obvious.
How can I think of leaving Liverpool after a night like this
It was disappointing to hear him get a mixed reception. Michael is a legend here, always will be, and he deserves a standing ovation for all he has done at this football club.
I watched Italia '90 with my Mum and Dad and my brother, you know, leaping around the house when the penalties were on... It would be great to be part of that, to have that kind of impact.
But I think the Champions League Final puts a massive pressure on every player and the manager, but we're enjoying the pressure and hopefully we can go there and win it.
You've got to give him credit for his all-round performance against Croatia, he ran himself into the ground and was involved in two goals,