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Liverpool Football ClubFA Cup Final 1973-1974

FA Cup Final - Wembley - Saturday 4th May 1974 Liverpool 3-0 Newcastle United

 Liverpool - (Keegan 2,  Heighway)  McFaul, Clark, Kennedy, McDermott, Howard, Moncur, Smith(Gibb), Cassidy,  Macdonald, Tudor, Hibbitt
 Newcastle United  Sprake, Reaney, Bell, Bremener, Charlton, Hunter, Giles, Storrie, Peacock, Collins,  Johanneson
 Referee:  G Kew
 Attendance:  100,000


At half time, with no goals scored, this was theoretically still a match either side might have won but this was an illusion.

Liverpool, composed and well organized, had been steadily tightening their grip. Newcastle had moments of promise in the first half.

In midfield, McDermott played with skill and determination, Smith was at his jinking best and Hibbitt showed excellent positioning and passing.

But Newcastle were disappointing in attack. Tudor's early enthusiasm seemed to fall away after some early frustrations, and MacDonald, the flamboyant 'Supermac', was handled coolly by the Liverpool defence and caused them few problems.

Liverpool's first sharp attacks before half time were a foretaste of their liberation and Newcastle's destruction in the second half.

Lindsay's fifty-first minute 'goal' looked perfect but was disallowed. Seven minutes later Smith centred from the right, Hall dummied, and Keegan drove the ball high past McFaul.

That one counted.

There was a little left now of Newcastle, and Liverpool were running wild.

From Toshack's back header, Heighway gathered the ball, rounded Moncur and shot just inside McFaul's right hand post.

The game was over, but there was still one goal to come.

The build up involved eleven uninterrupted passes, and the last, Smith's from near the deadball line, found its way to Keegan in front of goal: 3-0.

Round By Round


LIVERPOOL v Leicester C 0‑0, 3‑1, Burnley v NEWCASTLE UTD 0‑2


Sixth Round

Bristol C v LIVERPOOL 0‑1;  QPR v Leicester C 0‑2, Burnley v Wrexham 1‑0; NEWCASTLE UTD v Nott'm Forest 4‑3, 0‑0, 1‑0 (FA ordered replay. Both replays at Goodison Park)


Fifth Round

LIVERPOOL v Ipswich T 2‑0; Bristol C v Leeds Utd 1‑1, 1‑0; Coventry C v QPR 0‑0, 2‑3; Luton T v Leicester C 0‑4; Burnley v Aston Villa 1 ‑0; Southampton v Wrexham 0‑1 Nott'm Forest v Portsmouth 1‑0; WBA v NEWCASTLE UTD 0‑3


Fourth Round

LIVERPOOL v Carlisle Utd 0‑0, 2‑0; Man Utd v Ipswich T 0‑1; Hereford Utd v Bristol C 0‑1; Peterborough Utd v Leeds Utd 1‑4; Coventry C v Derby Co 0‑0, 1 ‑0; QPR v Birmingham C 2‑0; Luton T v Bradford C 3‑0; Fullham v Leicester C 1‑1, 1‑2; Oldham Ath v Burnley 1‑4; Arsenal v Aston Villa 1‑1, 0‑2, Southampton v Bolton Wand 3‑3,2‑0; Wrexham v Middlesbro 1‑0; Nott'm Forest v Man C 4‑1; Portsmouth v Orient 0‑0, 1‑1, 2‑0; Everton v WBA 0‑0, 0‑1 NEWCASTLE UTD v Scunthorpe Utd 1‑1, 3‑0


Third Round

LIVERPOOL v Doncaster R 2‑2,2‑0; Carlisle Utd v Sunderland 0‑0, 1‑0; Man Utd v Plymouth Arg 1 ‑0; Ipswich T v Sheff Utd 3‑2; W. Ham v Hereford Utd 1‑1, 1‑2; Bristol C v Hull C 1‑1, 1‑0; Peterborough Utd v Southend Utd 3‑1; Wolves v Leeds Utd 1‑1, 0‑1; Sheff Wed v Coventry C 0‑0, 1‑3; Derby Co v Boston Utd 0‑0, 6‑1; Chelsea v OPR 0‑0, 0‑1; Birmingham C v Cardiff C 5‑2;PortVale v Luton T l‑1,2‑4;  Bradford C vAlvechurch 4‑2; Fulharn v PNE 1 ‑0; Leicester C v Spurs 1 ‑0; Cambridge Utd v Oldham Ath 2‑2,3‑3,1‑2; Grimsby T v Burney 0‑2; Norwich C v Arsenal 0‑1; Aston Villa v Chester 3‑1; Southampton v Blackpool 2‑1; Bolton Wand v Stoke C 3‑2; Crystal Palace v Wrexham 0‑2, Grantham v Middlesbro 0‑2; Nott'm Forest v Bristol R 4‑3; Oxford Utd v Man C 2‑5; Portsmouth v Swindon T 3‑3, 1 ‑0; Orient v AFC Bournemouth 2‑1; Everton v Blackburn R 3‑0; WBA v Notts Co 4‑0, Millwall v Scunthorpe Utd 1‑1, 0‑1; NEWCASTLE UTD v Hendon 1‑1, 4‑0