Liverpool Football Club - The Early History

Liverpool Football Club was formed in 1892 and is rightfully classed as the most successful British club at club level. However our beginnings are a direct result of Everton. Following some rule changes in 1882 Everton were forced to find some enclosed grounds to play and met with John Houlding in the Sandon. A ground was to be positioned off priory Road which was there home until they were forced to leave. In 1884 John Orrel agreed to let Houlding have a pitch at Anfield Road and the first ever game at Anfield saw a home win. Houlding poured money into the cause but after a few years became a harder owner to be with. Eventually Orrel and Houlding move further towards a severe rift and eventually when a plan to buy the ground by Houlding failed, Orrel evicted the club. After a further meeting a breakawy part of the club split from Anfield to form their own team, leaving Anfield empty in the hands of Orrel and Houlding. However those left at the club with Houlding decided the only thing to do with an empty football ground was form a team to play there and in May 1892 Liverpool Association Football Club was formed.

The club began in the Lancashire Association League with John McKenna in charge of the team. McKenna had been one of the men who stayed and sided with Houlding in the split. Liverpool’s first game came on September 1st 1892 against Rotherham and Liverpool won 7-1. This first team saw the eleven players all arriving following a trip north of the border by McKenna who has scottish connections in Glasgow. One year on from formation McKenna again applied for election to the Football league and this time was accepted. Their first game at Anfield in the league saw them dispose of Lincoln 4-0 In fact Liverpool went through the season unbeaten and following a knockout competition they beat one Newton Heath in the final to get there place in the top division. However a disapponting second season saw them bottom of the league and lose the knockout competition to be relegated. A tough fighting spirit at the club though saw them promoted back again the following season. They stayed in the top division for eight years and in season 1900-01 Liverpool won the first of their championships. Two seasons earlier Liverpool had ridded themselves of their blue and white quartered shirts in favour of the now famous red shirts.

The end of the 1903-04 season saw the reds relegated only to return straight away following a championship win again from Division 2 and Liverpool followed this by winning the first division in 1905-06.

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